Key To My Heart #2013   Closeup
Hovering off the wall, this sheet of stainless steel embodies my heart: and the 26 locks that encompass it keep it safe. A rudimentary look at what drives my creative spirit. I focused on this from parts of me that thrive to get out more; my inner child and love. Too look at the world through innocent eyes, believing the best in everything, yet constructing boundaries to keep out unknown elements. I love color and contrast; accompanied by movement and energy to keep your mind wondering. This is just another attempt with different media. I also wanted to draw on functionality at an interactive level where anyone could participate; a game of the heart. There are variations on what game you can play with this painting. Give your best friends and family a key to a lock, or lock their key to the lock so know one can take their lock off your heart. I have given one to my german shepherd for his collar, any one who is special to you deserves a key, or the entire lock if you dare; maybe you have a version. The 40" x 34" stainless plate is fastened to a piece of phenolic ply. It suspends from a chain on the back; although it sits flush to the wall, it hangs as easily as a painting (only slightly heavier). Layers of acrylic paint have been applied to create a mass of texture & color for the inner heart, while its outer rays of vibrancy are spread thin to create a transparent feel of vibrancy & energy. The reflective rays that surround the heart are ground into the steel. The 26 locks are made in Italy from quality polished chrome steel with matching keys.
Price: $Sold 40" x 34"
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