Blobby's Journey #10-103  
Like a rocket ship blasting its way through limits and across barriers, this mischievous jelly is in motion, perhaps jetting through space, time, or its natural element in the ocean. An impressive claro walnut crotch (Juglans regia) has been placed as the backdrop, perceptibly twisting away from the wall with natural ease and grace. The bizarre, elongated shape of the maple burl jelly (Acer rubrum) accented with patches of turquoise has been fastened diagonally and is surrounded by 58 stainless-steel tentacles; those along the diameter of the jelly are stubby and positioned at odd angles, while the tentacles on the underside give the impression of fluidity and propulsion. Directly below this colorful and odd creature is a vibrant piece of coral shaped from Tasmanian rose myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghaii) which overhangs the undersurface of the piece, while a fish subtlety appears to hide behind the walnut with grain and bold color reminiscent of a clown fish, sculpted from a paela burl (Caesalpinia platyloba). A sculpture with innumerable dimensions which must be fully explored to discover the complex facets of its design. Seamless construction, flawless finishing, and an ingenious imagination constitute its creation.
Price: $Sold 38"T x 30"W x 20"D
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