Midnight Rising #10-111  
A deep sea jelly floats in front of a black coral reef, an urchin grazing peacefully below. The shapely and intricate spalted maple (Acer saccharum) dome attaches to the long, slender ebony (Diospyros crassiflora) at an angle towards the wall, making it appear to levitate above everything. The twenty-four brass and stainless steel tentacles which trail below are long and complicated; each was hand-formed and finished, and each was strategically placed and angled. A giant sequoia redwood (Seguoia giganteum) urchin crawls seemingly innocent below the imposing jellyfish, though its appearance is deceiving: over one hundred brass and stainless steel spikes surround the body, honed tips gleaming in the light. The steel and aluminum reinforced joints support the piece for longevity. This piece shows a different subject, one which is commanding, intricate, detailed, charming and slightly intimidating.
Price: $10,000 52"T x 24"W x 15"D
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