Ikaika #07-105  
Power, Strength, longevity. The native Hawiian name has a general meaning; Tough as nails. This incredible golden figured and dense hardwood referred to as blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis), comes directly from the island of Maui where these great giants grow upwards of 100' in strict rows; marking the borders of these sacred plots of family land. Dramatic and resilient, Ikaika is a testament to perseverance. The wood itself is incredibly hard, leaving no room for weakness or error in it's creation. Refined and polished to a high luster, it is a tribute to the artists commitment to quality. As if bolts of lightening striking, radiating burl grain swirls in a flurry over the smoothed out beauty. A vein of ebony infused epoxy fills a natural crack, revealing a striking contrast. Mount it at any angle to create a mood that suits your style.
Price: $Sold 40"T x 12"W x 3"D
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