Gone Astray #11-1  
Gone Astray is an elaborate and complex combination of several different materials. There are 3 quite different pieces of maple burl (Acer saccharum). Two of them create a coral like back drop that incorporates a rare piece of birdseye redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) to accentuate the ever present jellyfish. The jelly itself has inlaid turquoise and hand formed and fit tentacles made of stainless steel and alloyed brass; each one formed to create a mood and to emulate the whimsical movement and character of these mysterious creatures. At the bottom of the scene, we have a sea urchin poised atop fan coral; the spines are made of stainless steel, heated with a torch to add color at each tip. The black & white ebony for which makes up the body of this protective creature, is mounted on an excellent end cut of claro walnut burl (Juglans hindsii). This burl along with other areas on the sculpture, have been lightly burned with a torch and refined to create a deeper tone that adds a profound texture to the piece. Moving up the reef, a cut of coffee burl (Coffea arabica). Protruding from this golden example from South America, a different variety of sea urchin. Each funnel on this is hand ground from alloyed brass; at the base of most these is an algae like accent made of ebony sawdust and turquoise fragments. Other sea life accents incorporate a mixture of turquoise, amber, opal, mammoth ivory and a variety off wood dust. Made with love and inspired by life that is best kept in the wild. The entire sculpture is made with a commitment to quality and has been joined eternally. Every aspect of this piece breathes life, complexity, creativity, dynamics, energy, and painstaking attention to detail; ART.
Price: $12,000 45" T x 34" W x 18" D
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