Resplendent Beauty #10-101  
Smooth, sensual, multi-dimensional, and measuring up to 4'' thick in areas, this piece of 600-year-old Coastal Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) has numerous qualities with which to draw in unsuspecting viewers. The size is impressive, with several projecting shapes along the outer-edge in varying directions kept immobile, and yet they seem to sway with energy. The outstanding grain of this wood is accentuated by the smooth waves rippling out of one focal point near the center. Look closely at the patterns and perhaps see the forms of life held within, slowly inching out of the grain. A deep, rich, incandescent color emanates from within this wood, causing it to glow in such a way as to emulate fire. The entire piece exudes energy; the shape of which, though smooth, appears to be breaking out of the confines of reality and trying to escape to someplace where nothing is impossible.
Price: $Sold 43"T x 95"W x 4"D
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