Life #08-101   Back View
Four different species of wood come together to create the highly collectable piece Life, with Claro walnut (Juglans hindsii), red maple (Acer rubrum), Brazilian tulip wood (Dalbergia frutescens), and ebony (Diospyrus crassiflora). This finely-crafted assembly is reminiscent of sea life; an abstract of the organic life in the ocean in motion, constantly growing, changing, and alive. The largest and most interesting piece is the maple: contoured, shaped, fluid. Each piece of tulipwood used was cut from the same tree; the artist arranged to cut each piece along the grain, accentuating each one. This lovely piece is captivating from every direction and angle; each side presents a unique perspective of the compelling contrasts of the masterful design.
Price: $6,200 53.5"T x 22.5"W x 13"D
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