Gateway #10-108  
The gateway of beauty unfurls to reveal an entrance to the path ahead with the elegant presence and unyielding strength of natures' forces. Throughout the three combined-but-otherwise unrelated pieces is the intriguingly gradual size-reduction, and the constant and startling change of grain and texture from a light to dark color. The largest of the three is the Birdseye maple (Acer saccharam) displaying its soft crushed-velvet-like pattern; second the beech (Fagus sylvatica), subtle with its own light flair, giving way to the small and vivid piece of black walnut (Juglans negra) containing the deepest and richest color. It swings open in slight and gradual succession away from the wall; the only piece in contact is the maple. Perhaps an entrance to an enchanted place where the imagination can run free, or a vault with which to store your prized dreams. Can mount upside-down for a different perspective as well.
Price: $800 67"T x 7"W x 2"D
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